Reel Rumbles #3: “The Empire Strikes Back” vs. “Return of the Jedi”

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5 Responses

  1. johnmason says:

    As a kid, Jedi was always my favorite. I have since matured into an Empire fan. I still like both better than the original, and nothing in the prequel trilogy can touch them.

    I seem to have grown a little indifferent to Star Wars lately (and I’m rather bummed that I have the “Special Edition” DVDs, as opposed to the original theatricals–damn you, Lucas), but thinking about these movies does bring back happy childhood memories.

    I need to go back to a galaxy far, far away sometime soon….

  2. JP_Wade says:

    I didn’t know this was even a contest. Sure, I like Return of the Jedi as much as the next Star Wars fan. The Battle of Endor is brilliant, maybe some of the best modelwork ever put to film. But Empire Strikes Back is better in every other way. As great as the special effects are in Jedi, Empire is far and away the better story.

  3. SomeFakeName says:

    Well, I really hate that fact that in Jedi, it feels like Vader is the Emperor’s bitch. I hate seeing him in the subordinate role. In Empire he had absolute power and was Killing people left and right. Then also with Jedi there’s like a 45 minute tedious and boring lull starting from the escape from Jabba all the way up to the attack on the Death Star. 20 minutes with Ewoks really can’t be justified. Now if they were Wookies, then that may be a different story, but whatever.

  4. jediknight24 says:

    i think empire has more memorable moments but jedi has more memorable characters. but empire strikes back is darker and more serious story, return of the jedi is more kid friendly and goofy. all and all I like return of the jedi better because of the ending battle between luke skywalker and darth vader is the most emotional moment in all the franchise. every time I watch that scene where luke snapes at vader when he say ” if you won’t turn to the dark side than maybe she will” and luke gets angry and attacks vader than the music starts and takes the scene over for about 20 seconds is so powerful it makes me realize the impact star wars has on my life makes me get teary eyed. that is more than I can say for empire strikes back.