Reel Rumbles #20: “Avatar” vs. “District 9”

Nigel Druitt

An avid Flickcharter since 2009, Nigel is a self-described fanboy whose Top 20 is dominated by the likes of Indiana Jones, Frodo Baggins and Marty McFly. Nigel is the Canadian arm of the Flickchart Blog, but try not to hold that against him. You can find him on Flickchart as johnmason.

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2 Responses

  1. Nigel Druitt says:

    @RAPatton: I have to admit, with shame, that I have not yet seen Moon. Must rectify that…

  2. G. Keenan says:

    Have to agree. Loved Avatar, but I’m more excited for what the tech will do in movies to come. District 9, though, was a film I adored.

    I know it may be apples to oranges, but I would like to see a Reel Rumble between District 9 and Moon, two of my favorite films from last year…