Reel Rumbles #16 – “The Dark Knight” vs. “Fight Club”

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4 Responses

  1. johnmason says:

    I love Fight Club. But it’s only just in my Top 50. Dark Knight is currently my #2. Both casts are brilliant (all of them; not just Ledger, Pitt and Norton). Both director’s are brilliant, though I guess I favor Nolan, as he’s made three of my top five films on Flickchart. And when it comes to Fincher, I prefer Se7en.

    Fight Club is a great movie, but it was not “life-altering” for me. In my mind, that makes this a battle of two great movies, and I just prefer Batman.

  2. johnmason says:

    By the way, it seems like the author is clamoring for more of a cliffhanger ending to The Dark Knight, which I don’t quite agree with. While I would have loved to have seen Harvey Dent set up as the major villain in a sequel, I actually appreciate that the story was wrapped up, giving this movie its own beginning and end, unlike a lot of second franchise movies. (I hope Iron Man 2 doesn’t end with a cliffhanger; to me, that just strikes of bad form.)

    I don’t really think the ending was rushed at all, myself.

  3. Jeremy Melloul says:

    Fight Club, yep.

  4. thePenrod says:

    The Dark Knight. Considering that the Dark Night is #1 on the all time list, I’m surprised by the conclusions here. Everybody has their own preferences but I think this review completely undersells the story. Just because it isn’t confusing doesn’t make it simplistic. The Dark Knight dealt powerfully with complex moral themes. I did like the Fight Club, I just don’t think it compares.