Reel Rumbles #12 – “The Departed” vs. “The Shining”

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2 Responses

  1. johnmason says:

    I’ve never understood why people love The Shining. The finale is pretty good (which is why it doesn’t deserve its current last place on my Flickchart), but I found everything that came before it to be incomprehensible crap. Perhaps I just didn’t “get it”.

    Meanwhile, I loved The Departed. Everybody in the cast except, yes, Nicholson is fantastic (and even Jack is still perfectly watchable). I think DiCaprio, Damon and Wahlberg are all fantastic, but for me, the breakout is Alec Baldwin, who obviously had a blast with his role.

    And fine, call me crazy, but I do prefer The Departed to Raging Bull and GoodFellas. At the very least, in terms of sheer enjoyability as a film. I’ll likely never watch Scorsese’s previous films again (and I know I’m in no hurry to see The Shining), but I could put The Departed on right now. It’s a great film.

  2. dsddsd says:

    The Shining is a horror masterpiece. The Departed is fluff made for the MTV generation. There’s no competition here, The Shining owns The Departed.