Reel Rumbles #1: “Alien” vs. “Aliens”

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9 Responses

  1. Wave of Mutilation says:

    This was a great read. I agree that it is a draw and it just depends on the mood that you may be in at the time.

  2. Ziggy51127 says:

    Excellent article that captures the importance of both films while pointing out why both are great in their own unique ways. Though, it’s not as difficult a decision for me: Alien all the way.

  3. Charles says:

    I think a good analogy to sum up the difference between these movies is this: “Aliens” is more like a fun roller-coaster ride where you scream your head off but you’re laughing about it at the end. “Alien” is like having to sit in a dentist chair and have all your teeth pulled out slowly one by one whith no Novocain.

  4. david morgan says:

    This debate has always driven me nuts. I can understand why some thrill seekers might prefer Aliens but it`s so inept in comparison to Alien. Although i admit it`s an imaginative and original continuation it has so many flaws.
    Technically it`s a mess,especially the dreadful redesign of the creatures into screeching, anorexic metal skeletons which pale in comparison with the sleek,disturbing & deliberate menace of the original.
    It`s also full of unlikeable,cliched characters spouting endless `grunt` talk while wielding ludicrous harnessed weapons. i also think adapting the alien life cycle to something more recognisable cheapened the whole concept. Such ham fistedness really scuppered what could have been a great film.
    Alien on the other hand was far more effective as it was unafraid to be realistic. It showed the mundanity of the characters ,their existences and relationships through it`s uneventful first 45 minutes. These were unheroic, flawed characters who everyone could relate to and sympathise with. It`s a testament to Ridley Scotts talent that he kept the viewers interest with such an approach. But in a similar fashion to Speilbergs `Jaws`he really let rip in the second half with some unflinchingly intense,gory and disturbing stuff that wasn`t afraid to have an unhappy ending..
    In this fight it might be a case of brains vs brawn, but for me it`s a first round knockout in favour of Alien`

  5. Austin Bond says:

    Aliens is a great film but… three words; “Game over, man”

    Alien is the superior film by far.

  6. B-hobbs15 says:

    Couldn’t be an easier decision for me. Alien is the superior film by a million miles, which is saying something because Aliens is still a good film. But the slow burn, completely original and utterly chilling Alien vs. a very cliched, louder, and overall dumber Aliens is not even a close match. I’m puzzled how there is even a debate on this. Alien is simply better in almost every way.

  7. Mark Mancini says:

    “Aliens” all day. The original’s got superb elements of gothic horror and deserves its universal acclaim as one of the most effective and influential monster movies of all time.

    HOWEVER, “Aliens” ups the ante by giving us vastly more interesting human characters, an innovative look into the creatures’ brilliantly-conceived life cycle, and superior acting across the board. Whenever somebody defends Cameron over Scott, however, they’re accused of light-headed “thrill-seeking”, when in fact, the merits of this franchise’s second film are too-often overlooked.

    Thematically, consider this: Aliens is the ONLY picture in the series which makes absolutely NO attempt to sexualize Ripley. This certainly can’t be said of the other three… all of which put entirely too much emphasis on Weaver’s “assets”. Aliens–and Aliens alone–is able to maturely handle the prospect of a sci-fi saga having a female protagonist without ever degrading her into a mere sex object.

    Also, “Aliens” doesn’t take such a simplistic “Black & White” approach to technological innovation as the first movie does. In Scott’s movie, technology and industry are invariably viewed as deceptively detrimental to human life, yet Bishop’s heroic role in “Aliens” thwarts even Ripley’s misgivings about this topic and provides hope for the future of human ingenuity as a force for good as well as for evil.

    Furthermore, when it comes to special effects, there’s absolutely no question on which is the superior flick. The Queen alone outdoes the entire effects budget of “Alien”. Granted, Scott didn’t intend to give us an effects-heavy film, but this fact should be noted nevertheless.