Ranking the Halloween Franchise

Connor Adamson

Connor is an attorney residing in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from West Virginia University and a JD from Villanova Law. He enjoys fancy foreign art films, Marvel films, and everything in between. Horror is his favorite genre though, if his Stephen King Book to Screen series is any indication.

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3 Responses

  1. Casey Rhodes says:

    It’s one movie.

  2. dsubnet0 says:

    The Globals rank them thusly:
    Reboot sequel

    IOW, reboots lower than your ranking, H20 way lower, HII way higher. To what would you attribute these discrepancies? Cultural impact/memory? Nostalgia padding?

  3. Connor Adamson says:

    In the course of writing this article, I took a look at other articles ranking the franchise, other folks comments on discussion boards relating to films, etc. to get a feel for how other felt with these.

    The more “horror junky” fans put HII pretty high and some even think it surpasses the first film. So I don’t know if I can call it nostalgia padding for that one, but again I don’t know the ages of the people making such comments either. I just know for myself that I didn’t feel all that enrapt by it like I did for H20. H20 was the strongest in the character department aside from the Zombie films and perhaps that’s where the discrepancy comes. I might value character moreso than the typical horror fan would who rank all of these sequels. But that might not be a fair assumption. It’s the only one I got.

    As to the Zombie films, I think they’re overly trashed upon. They’ve got the “anti-reboot” prejudice against them out of the gate, a prejudice I usually share to be fair. But it seems like most think Zombie is too concerned about being gore-filled and violent than actually being creepy. But compared to some of the later Halloween films, this is still more competent than the nonsense of 5-7 films (H20 excluded).