Posters of Prominence: “GoldenEye”

Travis McClain

Bats: R, Throws: R. How Acquired: Traded for a player to be named later. I hold a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Louisville, earned in history. I have lived with Crohn's disease since 2005, and chronic depression since my youth. I bring into each film that I view a world view shaped by those and other parts of my background. I try to be mindful of the socio-political themes and implications of movies, intended or otherwise, and that surely shows in my blog pieces. I also love doughnuts.

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6 Responses

  1. Emil says:

    Great write-up, Travis. Especially in regards to reminding us of the cinematic landscape at the time. I wasn’t really into Bond at the time, so I wasn’t aware of there having been a long break by the time GoldenEye appeared.

    As for the poster itself: love the design, hate the color. Not something I would hang on my wall, but it’s does its job admirably in grabbing attention.

    • I personally have never cared for that color in general, Emil, but a friend of mine has this poster hanging on his wall and I have to say it’s absolutely gorgeous. Of course, he spent good money to get a really nice frame for it, so that helps. But there’s something quite striking and classy about the poster in person that continues to captivate me, nearly seventeen years later. (Or is that Double-O Seventeen years later?)

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    I remember really, really anticipating GoldenEye…for reasons I can’t really put my finger on, because I’d not seen a lot of Bond before then, and mostly caught up after the fact. There was something, though, about a more modern take on this classic character that excited me. Sure enough, I loved the movie.

    • For me, Nigel, I think the real appeal was that it opened the same year that we finally got a theater in the small town where I lived. That was the beginning of me being able to really get into movies, and it felt like GoldenEye–and James Bond–was the perfect movie to set the tone for that entire phase of my life. Bond is how it’s done, you know? Even if you’ve never seen a Bond movie, pop culture tells you that the franchise is synonymous with sophistication and lavishness.