Parental Guidance Not Needed

Travis McClain

Bats: R, Throws: R. How Acquired: Traded for a player to be named later. I hold a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Louisville, earned in history. I have lived with Crohn's disease since 2005, and chronic depression since my youth. I bring into each film that I view a world view shaped by those and other parts of my background. I try to be mindful of the socio-political themes and implications of movies, intended or otherwise, and that surely shows in my blog pieces. I also love doughnuts.

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2 Responses

  1. Looking back over this I don’t see an emphasis on a point I originally meant to make, and that is that children in my generation recognized themselves in the movies meant for us in a way that I do not honestly believe that today’s children find to be true.  Elliot, Short Round–we saw ourselves in them.  The Goonies?  They sounded like we did when we talked with our friends.  I have a hard time believing that any kid–even today’s sheltered dork like I was–hears a kid in a movie today and says, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”