Over 50 Million Rankings Decide Flickchart’s Top 20 of 2011

Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase is a co-founder and the designer of Flickchart. He's also a multimedia designer & developer living in central Florida, an online culture and social networking enthusiast, a proud father, an avid PC gamer, an incessant movie watcher, known for an eclectic musical taste, and often writing and performing music - on the drums, guitar, piano, or computer. You can find Nathan on Flickchart as Zampa, and email him at nathan@flickchart.com.

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6 Responses

  1. Emil says:

    Aww, my piece on The Adjustment Bureau slipped off the chart at the end. Damn you, Fincher!

    I still haven’t seen most of these films, but it looks like a solid list overall. Good job, fellow Flickcharters!

    • movieguyjon says:

      Solid list indeed! Looks like it’s time for a movie marathon, eh? :)

    • Jandy says:

      Sorry about that! (I’m taking the blame because I ranked Dragon Tattoo pretty high after watching it yesterday, so the jump is probably my fault. Not really, heh.) I quite liked The Adjustment Bureau, though…I thought it was underrated by most critics when it was released.

  2. easilydissolved says:

    Nice to see some of my personal favorites on the list (“Drive”, Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Source Code”, “Thor”, and “Hanna”). I could not for the life of me understand the infatuation with “Bridesmaids”, though.

  3. Colin Biggs says:

    I’m surprised Source Code is so high up.

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