“No Country For Old Men”: A Second Opinion

Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy is one of the guys who started this whole thing we call Flickchart. He toils away at all the unsightly complexities that keep it all working, and from time to time pops his head in to the blog to give reports on the technical side of things.You can find Jeremy on Flickchart as Prophasi, and email him at jeremy@flickchart.com

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2 Responses

  1. TimeIntact says:

    Great description of the film. I just saw it for the second time in theatres. An absolute gem.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I just went to see No Country for the second time now, too, on Sunday, with three people who hadn’t yet seen it (my wife, my mom, and my friend). Unlike “Live Free or Die Hard”, the second viewing has no diminishing effect; it’s still a mesmerizing and engrossing achievement.

    I’ve also seen Fargo now (in between my No Country viewings), so I can finally compare the two first-hand. I’ll probably post a follow-up with my opinion.

    Thanks for your feedback.