New on DVD, Blu-ray, Warner Archive and Netflix Instant: October 26, 2010

Dan Rohr

Dan lives for five things: Movies, Jazz Rap, Statistics, Chili, and his family who have no idea how huge a nerd he really is. Like almost everybody else on this page, he has a job dealing with computer/internet-y things for a company he helped start after college. You can find him on Flickchart as espin39.  

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3 Responses

  1. johnmason says:

    I love Back to the Future and Alien, but I’m quite happy with my DVDs, thank you. I don’t care how loaded the Blu-Rays are, the DVD box sets were pretty sweet, and I’m not exactly made of money.

    Man, I waited FOREVER before I was finally able to get that Alien Quadrilogy set…

    And get on those Alien movies, PRONTO! I even enjoy Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection (though Alien and Aliens are the only ones that are “essential”).

  2. johnmason says:

    Oh, and the “making of” documentary on my DVDs for Alien 3 is better than the movie itself. Highly entertaining to watch how the studio f@cked over David Fincher.

  3. Travis McClain says:

    To this day I have never seen an “Alien” movie. I’ve felt especially bad about this fact since learning that the original screenwriter (whose name presently escapes me) had Crohn’s disease (which killed him last year). I’m told by other Crohnies who have seen the movie that I won’t have any problem identifying the influence the disease had on his storytelling.

    Also, I’m stoked that Netflix will be streaming “Batman: Under the Red Hood.” Kind of surprised, since they’ve been pretty spotty with their DCU animated features.