New Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant Watch: March 14-20

Dan Rohr

Dan lives for five things: Movies, Jazz Rap, Statistics, Chili, and his family who have no idea how huge a nerd he really is. Like almost everybody else on this page, he has a job dealing with computer/internet-y things for a company he helped start after college. You can find him on Flickchart as espin39.  

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5 Responses

  1. Travis McClain says:

    In light of the recent tragedy in Japan it just seems wrong that The China Syndrome would begin streaming.

  2. blahbot says:

    They removed The China Syndrome from Instant, probably because of what’s happening right now. Don’t think it will be back any time soon though.

  3. Nataniel Pitner says:

    They didn’t remove the China Syndrome, it isn’t the 18th yet so it’s not on instant yet.

  4. Jarrod t says:

    I had china syndrome on my instant list and it’s gone now is there any reason for this?

  5. Daniel Rohr says:

    It’s still there for me…Did you remove it accidentally?

    (In the US)