New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: June 14th

Jonathan Hardesty

Jonathan wants to be a screenwriter when he grows up, which means massive debt and large stockpiles of ramen noodles. His interest in movies is first and foremost in the crafting of the story, with most of that technical mumbo-jumbo taking a back seat. Camera work? Pshh. Directing? Whatever. It's all about those words that get adapted to the screen! You can find this guy on Flickchart as movieguyjon, and you can also find him on his blog. Oh, yeah... there's a twitter account as well.

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3 Responses

  1. movieguyjon says:

    Doesn’t look like Kill The Irishman has been rated too many times. I was curious to see it, but not enough to see it in the theaters, and I’m not sure I’m curious enough to see it until it gets on Netflix Instant…if it even does that.

  2. is there a page with new cool streaming netflix movies ?