Movies To See Before You Die: “Frankenstein”

Alex Lovendahl

From the northwest suburbs of Chicago, a fresh face emerges with headphones blaring. I'm finishing up my time studying English literature by watching loads of movies; hopefully, I won't be a philistine by 2017.

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1 Response

  1. A week ago today, I had my 13 year old niece spend the night and I introduced her to Frankenstein, followed immediately by Bride. It was fascinating to watch her react to it, because even though her attention was split between screen and her phone, she was still caught up in the narrative and became invested in The Monster (or, The Creature as Karloff liked to call him). I love the film, so I was hopeful she would dig it, too, but I had my doubts whether it could engage her. It wasn’t until both movies were over that I pointed out to her that there’s no scored music in Frankenstein. I interpreted her obliviousness to that as a testament to how captivating the movie is.

    tl;dr – Yay, Frankenstein!