Movies for Mother’s Day

Ryan Stuckey

Ryan likes movies. They are one of his favorite things. He does everything in his power to not sound like an elitist when he talks about them. He would like to apologize in advance for all the times he will inevitably sound like an elitist talking about them. He also thinks it's awkward to write about himself in the third person. He can be found at SirStuckey on Flickchart and almost every other film ranking website.

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8 Responses

  1. Thegordonshow says:

    My mom’s an odd one. I probably like Singin’ in the Rain and Love Actually more than she does. And she’s the one who suggested we go see Thor on Mother’s Day. She can’t wait to see it.

  2. Colin Biggs says:

    My mother hated Water for Elephants. Too much abuse.

  3. Ryan Stuckey says:

    Yeah I was wondering how much of the abuse they would show in the movie as there is a fair amount of both human and pachyderm violence in the book.

  4. Nigel Druitt says:

    Judging by that first paragraph, my wife is a lot like your mom. (Though she might actually prefer Dirty Dancing to Anne of Green Gables, it’s close. Meanwhile, I can’t believe how much she loves Mamma Mia!) At least she’s not above watching a good action movie with me, though…

    Oh, and Alien 3 is not THAT bad…

  5. Ryan Stuckey says:

    The verdict is in……my mom really liked it.

    And I am a successful son for at least one more year

  6. Sbachelle says:

    Yes I did like Water for Elephants. I did read the book first and am always leary of movies trying to capture the whole concept of the book. But this did a great job. The Mother’s Day was great too.