Matchup of the Day: Star Trek: Insurrection vs. Star Trek Beyond

Nigel Druitt

An avid Flickcharter since 2009, Nigel is a self-described fanboy whose Top 20 is dominated by the likes of Indiana Jones, Frodo Baggins and Marty McFly. Nigel is the Canadian arm of the Flickchart Blog, but try not to hold that against him. You can find him on Flickchart as johnmason.

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8 Responses

  1. Casey Rhodes Casey Rhodes says:

    Oooh, interesting. Coincidentally, I’m also comparing which type of VD I like best later on today.

  2. Joe Joe says:

    Beyond. Although Insurrection would have been a decent TNG tv episode I think.

    • Nigel Druitt says:

      To me, that’s the biggest thing with Insurrection. It’s a pretty good TNG episode. Anything would have felt like a letdown after First Contact was so great, so I think it’s good that the producers didn’t even try to top it.

      Beyond fixed a lot of the problems I had with Into Darkness. I liked it even better the second time. I think it’s good stuff.

  3. Jerry Colvin Jerry Colvin says:

    Barf to both. Having said that, I’m gonna try to go see Star Trek Beyond again tonight in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Both are bottom tier Trek for me. If I had to watch one again though it would be Insurrection, mostly due to my TNG nostalgia (and the fights not relying on garbage shaky-cam). Honestly I don’t understand why Beyond got so much praise (although it was infinitely better than Into Darkness).

  5. At its core, Star Trek (the franchise) is about our future and what we have to look forward to. (IMO, it’s what distinguishes it from Star Wars.) STAR TREK INSURRECTION (and especially NEMESIS) have very little to say on this topic, in addition to having low-quality stories and scripts, thus making them Lesser Trek in my book.