“Jupiter Ascending” Review: It’s Phantom Menace All Over Again

Brian Salisbury

Brian has been a film critic and podcaster for the last six years. He writes for a number of outlets including Movies.com and Moviepilot. He co-founded the geek site OneOfUs.Net and cohosts the Junkfood Cinema podcast for Film School Rejects. Brian is also a member of the Austin Film Critics Association.

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3 Responses

  1. Merijn Merijn says:

    Mila Kunis telepathically controls bees???

  2. Nigel Druitt says:

    I’m bummed to read this. I was looking forward to this one.

  3. Depressing. Now we have the cheap computer power to create super special effects… Does that mean plot, character and substance have no effort put into them in films like this?
    I love epic space opera, just once Jesus fucking Christ pay as much attention to the plot and characters than the special effects. Really is that much to ask for ?