Inevitable Remakes: “Dog Day Afternoon”

Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

DC raised. Edinburgh student. Django fan.

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4 Responses

  1. Here’s what you do:

    Gael Garcia Bernal as Sonny, robbing the bank to pay for his *female-to-male* trans lover’s surgery, played by Laura Dern.
    – The bank is in Compton. Instead of shouting “Attica”, he shouts “Black lives matter”.

    Jonah Hill as Sal, secretly in love with Sonny, kills a gay bank teller for coming onto him in the second act

    Mila Kunis as Sonny’s children-beseiged estranged wife

    Cameron Diaz as the negotiator.

    I love Jeremy Saulnier as the director, because I want it quiet, very little dialog.