From Stage to Screen: Into the Woods

Hannah Keefer

I'm a freelance writer, storytelling enthusiast, and aspiring high school drama teacher. I watch all the movies I can.

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7 Responses

  1. nathanchase says:

    Anna Kendrick is such an unlikely Hollywood musical star, but she’s sure been in a string of them lately.

  2. Derek Armstrong says:

    Thanks for this, Hannah. You’ve helped me appreciate a movie I didn’t like very much a little bit more.

  3. Jeff Lombardi says:

    I don’t know much about Into the Woods, but I did see part of a taped stage production, in particular the anatomically correct wolf. I was curious how they would handle that in the movie. I assumed the sexual undertones would be all but lost, but it seems like the adaptation didn’t lose much without it. Thanks for the analysis!

  4. Trengence says:

    Given how god awful that movie was, the answer is “not at all”