From Stage to Screen: Annie (2014)

Hannah Keefer

I'm a freelance writer, storytelling enthusiast, and aspiring high school drama teacher. I watch all the movies I can.

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3 Responses

  1. Not a real fan of Annie either, but the reason I did like it was the songs. Seems so strange to take the BEST part of a musical and change it.

    Thanks for this thoughtful and insightful look at all the changes over time!

  2. HedgeHog says:

    Gotta say this wasn’t really “Stage t Screen” as this was NEVER on stage. Yes, I’m just a cranky old guy. So be it.

    • Are you saying the Annie musical was never on stage? I’m not sure what you mean by that, because it certainly was. I’ve seen one of them. It ran from 1977-1983 on Broadway, with U.S. tours, two Broadway revivals, and multiple overseas productions later on, not to mention the many amateur productions that happen every year.

      Granted, it’s very different from this 2014 version, but there’s no doubt they were *trying* to do an adaptation from the original production (or at the very least, the well-known ’82 movie adaptation of that production). If they were just trying to adapt the comic, they wouldn’t have tried to include all those songs which came from the original show!