From Book to Screen: The Lawnmower Man

Connor Adamson

Connor is an attorney residing in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from West Virginia University and a JD from Villanova Law. He enjoys fancy foreign art films, Marvel films, and everything in between. Horror is his favorite genre though, if his Stephen King Book to Screen series is any indication.

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5 Responses

  1. Nathan Chase Nathan Chase says:

    I was pretty enthralled by the movie at the time. The idea of VR was much cooler than the reality of VR. We’re getting closer now, but it still seems like there’s quite a ways to go to even get to the level they portray in the movie.

  2. Not critically important, but amongst that naming mess some might find the Japanese title interesting: Virtual Wars

  3. ellastone29 says:

    Connor Adamson is good, I like the idea of ​​the article from the book to the screen. I approve of the fact that most of the peer-reviewed films are not new, and I find myself thinking that the old films are more meaningful, then they were more attentive to the script and to the meaning that the plot carries. I read this review and I had an idea for a new article. I would be interested in what films you call the most plausible and this is more terrifying, since they are based on real stories! I’m shivering at the thought that Unspeakable Acts, Zodiac, The Iceman, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Amityville Horror films were based on real stories.

    • Connor Adamson says:

      I always think about serial killer films and how they are entirely realistic, at least as far as being possible to happen. Stephen King’s short story, Rage, is a very disturbing one that I doubt we’ll ever see made into a film due to King’s guilt over writing it. The Silence of the Lambs is another that’s pretty creepy due to being based on actual serial killers. Not a bad article Idea that I might pursue at some point.