Flickchart Road Trip: Wisconsin

Derek Armstrong

Derek is a film critic, currently writing for the Australian film website ReelGood as well as his personal blog, The Audient.

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5 Responses

  1. duke_of_omnium says:

    We should just be grateful it’s not Under the Cherry Moon.

  2. Derek Armstrong says:

    Ha! I did not see that, but I believe you.

  3. BookhouseBoy says:

    Other choices could have included: The Great Spider Invasion (1975), Back to School (1986), The Deep End of the Ocean (1999), For Keeps (1988) and Werner Herzog’s “Stroszek” (1977) (all of which were actually filmed in Wisconsin), and the 1988 comedy “The Great Outdoors” (which was not).

    • Derek Armstrong says:

      The only one of those I’ve seen is Back to School, for which I have quite a fondness.

    • BookhouseBoy says:

      Of those, the other one to see is Stroszek, which is the most Lynchian of Wisconsin movies. (Indeed, because it was made in 1977, Lynch might have himself borrowed the vibe from Herzog).