Flickchart Road Trip: Delaware

Derek Armstrong

Derek is a film critic, currently writing for the Australian film website ReelGood as well as his personal blog, The Audient.

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3 Responses

  1. All I wanted out of this piece was a shoutout to Wayne’s World and you delivered the goods. I was curious how the hell you managed to have already seen five movies set in Delaware, though, given your problems finding a new one and I was entertained to discover that you actually hadn’t. Yay, tangential connections and rationalization!

    • Derek Armstrong says:

      I’m hoping I’ve made it through my toughest scrape on this trip, but there are still some daunting unknowns out there … say, North Dakota.

      I actually kind of wanted Wayne’s World to be one of the choices, but I feel like it’s a better fulfillment of the intentions of the series that I didn’t have to.

      Thanks for reading/commenting!