Flickchart Road Trip: Arizona

Derek Armstrong

Derek is a film critic, currently writing for the Australian film website ReelGood as well as his personal blog, The Audient.

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10 Responses

  1. All I got out of this is that you don’t properly appreciate Tombstone. I can already tell it’s going to be a rough road trip.

  2. Mike King says:

    I have always thought Smoke Signals was an underrated movie that not enough people have seen. I have it rated 162 out of 1203, and even now, more than 10 years after watching it, I still can’t drive by a Denny’s without saying “hey Victor.”
    Count me as another that is surprised how low you ranked Tombstone. Could be a long trip indeed.

    • Derek Armstrong says:

      Yeah, as I said above, I thought Tombstone would be higher on my chart. I’ve seen it only once and owe it another viewing. I knew that my ranking would be controversial, which is why I included the “some folks think it’s great” line.

      Also, glad you think so highly of Smoke Signals. I found it to be one of the more humanistic films I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t argue with a single detail or decision.

  3. David Greenwood says:

    Prepare to get hammered by Flickcharters incensed by your description of Tombstone as “pretty good”. HOW DARE you not worship a movie sufficiently?!?

    Honestly, interesting reading. I’ll be keeping up with it ^_^

    And I also will stream Smoke Signals the first chance I get.

    • Derek Armstrong says:

      I knew I was going to get hammered for my Tombstone ranking. It’s probably underranked on my chart — in fact, I was surprised to see it so low. But that’s the beauty of Flickchart — it’s a work in progress. Thanks for reading!

  4. Nice. I’m digging the concept for this new series. I’m looking forward to what you manage to come up with for all 50 states. As an Arizonan, I’ve gotta say your selections were a bit heavy on the modern films though. I’d have loved to see some older films in there. That being said, at least you’re doing Ace in the Hole next time.

    • Derek Armstrong says:

      Well Andy, unfortunately, I’m limited by what I’ve seen. It’ll be my goal to be as diverse as possible on the genres and time periods of the films I choose. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

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