The Top 10 Criterion Collection Movies on Netflix Instant

Chad Hoolihan

Having no affiliation with any spiritual or philosophical movements, Chad instead attempts to find meaning through watching movies.  He also enjoys  watching birds fight over food in supermarket parking lots.

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3 Responses

  1. David Greenwood says:

    I am shocked the The Third Man is the highest entry on Flickchart for the Criterion collection.  I saw it once, and don’t remember too much of it, but it strikes me as a film that people would vote for because it’s “good” versus “their favorite”.  I didn’t expect The Interwebz to vote it as high as they have.

    • Chad says:

      It’s actually #3, just under Yojimbo and The Seven Samurai.  It is the highest ranked that is available on Netflix, but not overall.   

  2. Conrad99 says:

    Do yourself a favor and watch Hunger. Fassbender puts on an incredible performance, and it’s directed beautifully by Steve McQueen. One of the my favorite movies of all time.