Flick Fights #9 – “You Can Take Away Nostalgia, What You Can’t Take Away is Alec Guinness.”

Travis Betz & Devin Barry

Travis Betz and Devin Barry are two movie lovers, who are also obsessed fans of the film ranking website, Flickchart. Join them as they pit movies against each other, waging verbal cinematic war while building a “best of” list on the blood of the defeated.

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2 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    “If you do that, then you’re anti-Hollywood”…hysterical!! Thanks for the great and very animated cast guys!!

  2. Koursaros says:

    1) Best. Guest. Ever. I disagree with most of the things he said, but he’s hilarious and the way he defends his opinions is awesome.
    2) I saw Star Wars less than a month ago for the first time (I’m pretty young) and I would go Serenity too . Star Wars is good, but not THAT good. Empire Strikes Back on the other hand is AMAZING and it beats Serenity any day in my book.
    3) Christina Hendricks is INDEED the most beautiful woman in the world. Period. I fell in love with the second I saw her in Firefly (amazing show btw).
    Thanks for the hilarious hour guys, keep them coming. :)