Flick Fights #20 – “Which One Had The Toilet Bomb?”

Travis Betz & Devin Barry

Travis Betz and Devin Barry are two movie lovers, who are also obsessed fans of the film ranking website, Flickchart. Join them as they pit movies against each other, waging verbal cinematic war while building a “best of” list on the blood of the defeated.

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3 Responses

  1. Koursaros says:

    Fix the download link, it’s for the previous episode. ;)

    That Deadtures “commercial” was hilarious! Great podcast, but we were hearing the guest’s voice two times every time he spoke. And his voice was a lot louder than yours.

    Keep them coming! :)

  2. Nathan Chase says:

    Thanks, Koursaros. The download link has been fixed. I mentioned the echo to Travis as well. Hopefully they can fix that for upcoming episodes when they have guests over Skype.

  3. Culliford says:

    Love the new format of the shows, and as said above the commercials are fucking hilarious.