Flick Fights #1 – “There’s No Karate in Gladiator”

Travis Betz & Devin Barry

Travis Betz and Devin Barry are two movie lovers, who are also obsessed fans of the film ranking website, Flickchart. Join them as they pit movies against each other, waging verbal cinematic war while building a “best of” list on the blood of the defeated.

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1 Response

  1. Ziggy51127 says:

    Love the idea of a podcast, and the inaugural episode was mostly entertaining, but can we possibly get some hosts who actually remember the movies they’re rankning, and who have seen popular films more than once? If you can’t remember the origin scenes from Spider-Man or what the younger Tommy DeVito looked like in Goodfellas (amongst other things) I don’t think you should be hosting a podcast on a site strictly for movie buffs. It doesn’t help the podcast when one of its hosts keep saying “I don’t remember that”. Other than that, good fun and good debates.