Contagion: A Flickcharter’s Movie Review

Colin Biggs

Colin Biggs is a cinephile who recently became acquainted with Flickchart. He has been writing on films for the past three years for a variety of sites. Along with contributing here, he writes at his personal blog Never Mind Pop Film and the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

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2 Responses

  1. movieguyjon says:

    I’d almost argue that by making these characters more “types” than fully fleshed out characters, Soderbergh made it easier to insert ourselves into the narrative by way of proxy. There were a few moments where I was able to project myself onto a few characters in the film as well as see a few traits from my friends show up. For this reason I felt the distancing from the characters was for the benefit of the film.

    This is definitely up there among my top films of the year for sure!

    • Colin Biggs says:

      The distancing was key to being able to sweep over everything collectively and still have the audience connect. Outbreak never acheived that.

      Who thinks this sneaks into the Best Picture race this year?