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TRS Top Twenty Time!

Today gets even crazier as they move into their absolute best films – the Top 20. Are they happy with the movies that have made the cut? The current top 10 is revealed!

March Madness Continues on The Totally Rad Show’s “VS.”!

Dan, Jeff, and Alex continue to hone in on their Top 100 on Flickchart to determine the absolute bests of the best! Check out the Totally Rad Show’s Flickchart at: – and discover which films are currently  the TRS “Best...

It’s “VS.” Time on The Totally Rad Show!

It’s time once again to wage movie-on-movie war for the sweetest prize of all!

Dan, Jeff, and Alex continue their mission to determine the best movies of all time by pitting movies against one another in a winner-take-all battle on Flickchart. Do you agree with their choices in VS.?

Don’t You Just Love The Smell of “VS.” In The Morning?

Time again to join the hosts of TRS as they use Flickchart to discover which films will become  the TRS “Best Movies of All-Time” by pitting them against each other! Join the Totally Rad Show with hosts Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg,...