The Actor Spotlight

A discussion of a particular actor’s various roles they’ve played in their career, with appropriate Flickchart stats to accompany each film and how well each film has done based on their rankings.

Controversial Clashes

A take on 2 controversial films and talk about what makes one more controversial than the other – not necessarily which is best, or one’s favorite.

Criterion Commentaries

Articles entirely devoted to films in the Criterion Collection and their merits.

Depths Of Obscurity

A random combination of 3-5 obscure movies from a particular filtered list (gangster films from 1992, worst movies of 1987) watched, ranked on their Flickchart, and each reviewed.

Directors Who Dominate

All about directors who have a particularly large amount of highly ranked movies on Flickchart.

Film Spotlight

A kind of catch-all for any articles that don’t really fall into another category. The miscellany.


Articles that are expressly about using Flickchart – usually with some advanced technique or special “tutorial-like” slant.

Flickchart Film School

Showcasing the best films from the very beginnings of cinema, going year-by-year.

Flickchart Movie Reviews

Movie reviews that use the template of Flickchart matchups to criticize a film. About films new in theaters, or new to DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix.

From Book to Screen

Analysis of film adaptations from notable authors, describing their Flickchart rankings and ability to work as film instead of literature.

From Stage to Screen

Similar to Book to Screen, but looking at movies that come from stories originating on the stage in plays or musicals.

Guilty Pleasures

Review-style posts comparing other movies to a “guilty pleasure” – defending a film that’s generally not “good” but still fun to watch.

Inevitable Remakes

Explorations of the how and why an older movie might be remade today, and what it might turn out to be like.

Movie News

Anything that’s fit to print in the movie world.

Movies to See Before You Die

An in-depth look at a movie from the global top 1000, with matchups, other movies of the year, and any other comparisons that showcase why the movie in question is great.

Movies to Watch With Your Dad

A look at male-centric cinema, with a strong emphasis on how it crosses generational boundaries, and films your Dad would think are “really cool”.

Plot Points

Usually dissecting some very specific element of a film to find plot holes, goofs, or interesting philosophical explorations of the story.

Posters of Prominence

A personal anecdote, technical analysis, or artistic review of a favorite movie poster, with added information on the original designer, and find alternates, concepts, etc. where possible.

Reel Rumbles

Longer, more detailed discussions on a particular movie matchup – all presented with a boxing score methodology. Each matchup goes through “rounds” of story, acting, writing, directing, and occasionally bonus rounds as the matchup dictates.

Soundtracks of Significance

Articles about the scores and soundtracks of films.

The Under-Ranked

3-4 of the actors from a new wide release film are showcased with some of their best lesser-known roles from the past.

Top Tens

A top 10 list of virtually anything to do with movies – it can be as off-the-wall as you can imagine, or ultra-specific. Sky’s the limit.

What If?

Exploration with a humorous look at what a particular celebrity’s Flickchart might look like.

Streaming Showcase

3-5 movies that are available to stream on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/etc., concisely reviewed & recommended – usually with a theme tying the films together.

User Showcase

A catch-all for any other posts that didn’t fit into one of the above categories. All of them have to do with Flickchart itself, a unique idea about movies or movie lists, etc.