Blogger Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Soundtrack?

Hannah Keefer

I'm a freelance writer, storytelling enthusiast, and aspiring high school drama teacher. I watch all the movies I can.

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6 Responses

  1. David Conrad says:

    Annie Lennox’s song at the end of Return of the King is absolutely amazing. I like to think Tolkien would have been proud of it.

  2. Koroy says:

    Jurassic Park got the greatest soundtrack of all time!

  3. bvs says:

    There’s this strange and relatively unknown piece of art from 1985 called Angel’s Egg. It’s by Mamoru Oshii, better known for directing Ghost in the Shell. While Angel’s Egg is Japanese and animated, one can’t simply label it anime. It is nothing like any movie I have ever seen, animated or not. There is almost no dialog, only images and music. In that respect I guess it is kind of like Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi. Mostly the former, because it shares a spiritual theme. The soundtrack of Angel’s Egg is hauntingly beautiful, as is the movie.

    Another great soundtrack would be the one by Sergei Prokofiev, to Russian classic Alexander Nevsky (1938). There are lots of wonderful orchestral versions on YT:

  4. Michael Hunt says:

    Gross Pointe Blank