Best or Favorite: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” vs. “John Wick”

Zach Huffaker

Zach is a video editor and motion graphics artist. During the non working hours he watches movies, plays inline hockey, takes lots of pictures, and helps his wife with their 7 animals and she puts up with his love of movies with no endings. Occasionally he can be found trying to finish writing that Zombie and/or Werewolf screenplay.

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3 Responses

  1. Timothy Noble says:

    I would lean towards Capt America as a better film. And John Lock was certainly good. My problem with John Lock was I came into it with the expectation that its the best action movie of last year. After watching it, my first thought was, people who thought this was the greatest action movie of the year obviously haven’t seen The Raid 2, which came out last spring. Both Capt and John Lock, served well in giving us a cinematic thrill and in the action department. But for intense action, The Raid 2: Bergendhal is the movie to watch.

  2. GHOTI GHOTI says:

    that’s like asking who would you date Emma Stone or that scene from Taken

  3. I’m a sucker for Keanu, but you may be right Timothy. I haven’t been able to watch The Raid 2 yet, I’l have to bump it up in my watch list and see.