Back to the Future: The Case of 1885

Charles Does

Charles is a fanatical film geek known for his horror knowledge and an unhealthy obsession with Back to the Future. Currently living in Dallas, TX he has worked with Texas Frightmare Weekend for many years. He is a fan of all music genres - especially film scores and has an avid love for travel. He incorporates his love for film into his travels by visiting as many film locations as possible. Charles can be found on Flickchart as Headshot68 or over at Twitter and Facebook.

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27 Responses

  1. Michael Reap Michael Reap says:

    One editorial comment : you wrote “exasperates” when “exacerbates” was intended

  2. Nigel Druitt Nigel Druitt says:

    “Time terrorists”. Hilarious.

  3. Are we STILL picking this apart?

    • Charles Does Charles Does says:

      I have a dark sequel to the trilogy in my head that I’ve worked out. It’s focus is around Jules and Verne Brown and is a little similar to “Time After Time”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The one thing people seem to overlook is when Marty travels back to 1885, and both Marty and Doc fail to realize that there are 2 DeLoreans together at the same time. If they couldn’t get Marty’s rebuilt DeLorean repaired from the 1955 Doc why didn’t they use the one recently stored in the mine to go back to the future or use it for parts?

    • Rob Nimmo says:

      Holy crap! YOU, my good sir, are a freakin’ genius!

    • Kevbo says:

      True. They could have siphoned fuel out of that one. Genius. Also you just ruined my whole childhood.

    • Anonymous says:

      Holy crap…

    • Charles Does says:

      Yeah I have always wondered this as well. Essentially they could have just used the other time machine for fuel and parts, then traveled back to 1985. Doc could have then dropped Marty off, collected the parts needed to fix the other Delorean in the mine (Just the parts taken to salvage their way back, not the items he indicated in the letter needed to be repaired by his 1955 counterpart) and then went back.

    • Adam says:

      They couldnt use the delorean that Doc Brown originally stored in the mine shaft in 1885 for parts or fuel or anything. That would have crippled it and made it useless to marty years later in 1955 when he needed it for time travel. therefore, he would have been un-able to travel back to 1885 in the first place to save Doc. Paradox much? :)

  5. JellyFish says:

    Suicide??? Doc Brown has communicated loud and clear from the very beginning that his concerns about altering time have bounced back and forth between abject fear (his statements of catastrophic consequences at Marty’s first arrival in 1955), and casual disregard (building a time machine to go sightseeing through time/reading the letter and using a bullet proof vest) and when Marty asks Doc about the abandonment of his own rules regarding not changing the timeline, his response is “What the Hell”. Doc retrieves Marty from the present, to go out of his way to intentionally change time, and for what – just to keep Marty’s son from going to jail! Then, once he’s stranded in 1885, he writes Marty about NOT coming to rescue him and risk altering time, while also stating how happy he is, and clearly not caring (to any great degree) what problems his own ongoing presence in the past might cause! (Note: I believe it’s his ego that causes him to think (erroneously) that he himself has the knowledge and ability to avoid changing anything. While on the other hand, he gets very doom and gloom about the timeline when Marty’s involved because he views Marty as a loose canon.) The man’s a menace! What I’ve always had a problem with is that when he realizes that Clara was meant to die, and he gets very agitated about the problems the time machine causes and vows that they return to the present and destroy the machine, why why why wouldn’t he logically conclude that the best plan (excluding killing the love of his life) would be to bring her to the present with them! At least she wouldn’t be altering the past. This plot point always bugs me. P.S. I freely concede to the Grammar/Punctuation Police, that I’ve disappointed you. In a forum like this, really don’t care, as long as the points I’m attempting to make are understood. :-)

  6. I would agree that Doc was not idealistic when it came to the repercussions of time travel. He talked a good game but clearly he was conflicted. And, don’t forget, LOVE makes us do all sorts of things we shouldn’t! :-)

  7. SHIPCRT5 says:

    You can’t touch the Delorean in the mine. If you do, Marty can’t use it to travel back to 1885.

  8. Larry LaFontsee says:

    If Doc were to commit suicide in 1885, to avoid changing the future by living, wouldn’t that suicide then prevent the Doc from living in other time lines, because his past self (1885) was also his present self(1985)?? Uhm, also his middle present/past self (1955). I’m getting a headache, here….

  9. Bruce says:

    If the doc siphoned some fuel out of the first delorean, before he blew the inlet manifold, the first delorean would have still been intact when Marty went to use it in 1955.

  10. Anonymous says:

    They could of left a letter telling them to fix the fuel injection manifold.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Heavy, heavy….there’s that word again! Why is everything so heavy in the future? Is there something wrong with the earth’s gravitational feild?

  12. Kevbo says:

    Obviously the timeline was seriously changed. We don’t have flying cars, double ties, only 3 Jaws sequels and the Cubbies are still in no danger of winning the World Series. What a sad, sad world we live in.

  13. Charles Does says:

    The planet has gone mad Kevbo! Maybe it looks just like our 2015…..maybe it was all true.

  14. jk says:

    another big question mark is coming from clara again. her name was written on the grave stone but marty went to back and by this way clara lived, so how it is possible clara paid for that doctor’s grave stone? (I hope I could explain this with my poor enlish =)))

  15. MAtthew Bo says:

    The thing is, when it comes to temporal paradoxes, you can, by definition, keep arguing in circles about it FOREVER! Let it go and just enjoy the movies for what they are. Time travel isn’t real anyway, as time, in that sense, is a manmade concept!