A Flickchart Guide to TCM in March

Jandy Hardesty

Jandy is especially drawn to classic, off-beat, and foreign film, but loves a good blockbuster action sequence, too. You can find her on Flickchart as faithx5. She also writes at The Frame, and co-hosts the occasional podcast Not at Odds at Row Three.

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3 Responses

  1. Also, a shout-out to TCM’s newest segment “Noir Alley” on Sunday mornings at 10, hosted by the founder of the Film Noir Foundation Eddie Muller. He comes out in a slick classic three-piece on this amazing dimly-lit set of like a private detective’s office except there’s a bar in the back and a smoky typewriter under yellow bulb, so amazing.

    • Jandy Hardesty says:

      Good call! I absolutely should’ve called out the new Noir Alley programming. I’ve already been enjoying the stuff that the @NoirAlley twitter account has been putting out.

  2. Jandy Hardesty says:

    Note that in honor of Robert Osborne’s legacy, TCM will preempt their planned programming for March 18-19 and show a large collection of Robert’s best interviews and on-screen appearances.

    For details: http://www.tcm.com/this-month/movie-news.html?id=1299833&name=TCM-Remembers-Robert-Osborne-3-18-19