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The Under-Ranked: Gangster Squad

It’s been an interesting road for Gangster Squad getting to theaters. Shot and finished in 2011, the film was scheduled for release in September 2012. However after the Aurora shooting last year, Gangster Squad...

Top Films of 1938

Join us as we head back to 1938, a prime year for screwball comedy, poetic realism, and Technicolor adventure!

Reel Rumbles: “Heat” vs. “Collateral”

Michael Mann’s epic L.A. crime saga “Heat” turns 20 today. In celebration, we’re pitting it, in true Flickchart fashion, against Mann’s OTHER great L.A. crime thriller, “Collateral”. Which will come out on top?

Criterion Commentaries: “The Hit”

What if there was a Tarantinoesque film made before Quentin Tarantino burst on the scene with Reservoir Dogs? Specifically: a film where the killers are amusing, ostentatiously violent, and converse about existential concerns; a...