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The Top 10 Craziest Giallo Titles of All-Time

The Italian giallo films were widely known for their black-gloved killers, stylized violence, sexual perversion, and loopy psychiatric justifications for murder, but those aren’t the only things that made this once burgeoning horror subgenre...

Top Films of 1938

Join us as we head back to 1938, a prime year for screwball comedy, poetic realism, and Technicolor adventure!

Flickchart Road Trip: Iowa

Welcome to the latest installment of Flickchart Road Trip, in which I’m starting in Los Angeles and “driving” across country, watching one movie from each state and posting about it once a week. The new...

The Under-Ranked: The Hangover Part II

It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since The Hangover was released. Todd Phillips’ comedy, starring three relatively unknown actor-comedians, rushed up the box office charts to become the most highest-grossing...