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A Flickchart Guide to TCM in October

For October, TCM is bringing more Trailblazing Women, Star of the Month Christopher Lee, and lots and lots and lots of horror – not to mention nearly 50 Movies to See Before You Die.

James Bond Will Return In ‘Skyfall’

In a press conference held today, the director of the next James Bond film, Sam Mendes, confirmed several rumors, including the title of upcoming film: Skyfall. In the long-anticipated followup to 2008‘s Quantum of...

Flickchart Road Trip: West Virginia

Driving through West Virginia brings up “Wrong Turn” against “Night of the Hunter”, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”, “We Are Marshall”, “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!”, & “October Sky” on this week’s edition of the Flickchart Road Trip!

10 Stars Turning 100 in 2018

These 10 titans of film – one of them still living – turn 100 in 2018. Celebrate them all year long with their highest-ranking films!