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The Guilty Pleasures: “Death to Smoochy”

Death to Smoochy is a highly underrated and highly entertaining movie. If nothing else, watch it for an underseen Robin Williams performance. Written by the same writer/director of Cabin Boy, Adam Resnick, and directed by Danny DeVito, this is a great Guilty Pleasure!

Flickchart Road Trip: Colorado

Welcome to the latest installment of Flickchart Road Trip, in which I’m starting in Los Angeles and “driving” across country, watching one movie from each state and posting about it once a week. The new...

Memorable Matchups of 2012 – Part 3

Before beginning part 3 of my year-in-review opus I’d like to acknowledge how truly great a year we’ve had this year in regards to movies. For as many films and performances that will be...

Wait, That Was Based on a Comic Book?

Ever since Batman made an obscene amount of money in 1989, Hollywood has escalated its love affair with comic books and superheroes as source material.  There’s a pre-existing audience, the characters and premises are...