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The Top 20 Films of 2016: Revisited

A year ago, we published our list of the Best Films of 2016. See how the list has changed with 12 months’ worth of new user rankings. Is Captain America still #1?

Second Chance Oscars: 2005 Best Picture

If you could go back in time, what wrong would you correct? The Academy Awards highlight some of the best films ever made, but they certainly don’t always get it right. Let’s travel back to 2005 and see which Best Picture nominee should have won.

10 Great Modern Opening Title Sequences

These days, a lot of Hollywood films seem to eschew the art of the opening credits sequence. Many big movies even opt to skip throwing up a title in favor of getting straight into...

Flickchart Preview: ‘Iron Man 3’

Iron Man was a bigger hit than expected in 2008. Certainly, there were reasons for this, not the least of which was Robert Downey Jr.‘s epically flippant performance as Tony Stark. Now, “Phase One” of...