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The Top Ten Films of 1955

Sixty years ago, the cinematic landscape was quite different. Let’s take a look at the best that 1955 had to offer in film.

The Top 10 Teen Movies of All-Time

Unlike those of other websites, our Top Ten lists are created from the empirical data of our global rankings. With teachers and students returning to school this month, here’s a look at the Top...

Flickchart Road Trip: Alabama

Welcome to the latest installment of Flickchart Road Trip, in which I’m starting in Los Angeles and “driving” across country, watching one movie from each state and posting about it once a week. The new...

The Under-Ranked: Gangster Squad

It’s been an interesting road for Gangster Squad getting to theaters. Shot and finished in 2011, the film was scheduled for release in September 2012. However after the Aurora shooting last year, Gangster Squad...