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The Under-Ranked: The Magnificent Seven

Last year’s Magnificent Seven didn’t make our year-end Top 20 list, but one blogger thinks it deserves a higher rank on the global chart. So do these lesser-known films featuring the movie’s stars.

Movies I, You, & Everyone Else Should Wanna See

By now, we’ve all had a good chuckle at the leaked Paramount memo showcasing the studio’s terrible slate of upcoming projects, including kiddie caper comedy Dunderheads and the criminally unnecessary Zoolander 2. Funny stuff,...

A Flickchart Guide To TCM in December

This month TCM turns their attention to Frank Sinatra, Holiday Classics, and the varied relationships of “girlfriends,” as well as their usual smorgaboard of tributes and themed marathons.

Actor Spotlight: Barbara Stanwyck

The toughest broad in Hollywood and also one of its most sparkling comediennes, Barbara Stanwyck could do it all – and she did in over 80 pictures in almost 40 years. Raise a glass to “Missy” on her 108th birthday.