10 of the Most Kick-Ass Women in Film

Nigel Druitt

An avid Flickcharter since 2009, Nigel is a self-described fanboy whose Top 20 is dominated by the likes of Indiana Jones, Frodo Baggins and Marty McFly. Nigel is the Canadian arm of the Flickchart Blog, but try not to hold that against him. You can find him on Flickchart as johnmason.

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5 Responses

  1. Nathan Chase Nathan Chase says:

    This list could start and end with Linda Hamilton in T2. I’m skeptical Mother of Dragons will be able to fill her shoes, but I’ll hold judgment until I can see for myself.

  2. ishneak says:

    you really need to watch Edge Of Tomorrow. like right now. i can’t believe you wouldn’t list Emily Blunt’s Sgt. Rita Vrataski among your very recent options. critics and fans alike and even the most neutral viewers have hailed her as the most badass lady since Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley or Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor.

    • Nigel Druitt says:

      I have seen Edge of Tomorrow, and absolutely loved it. Emily Blunt is awesome in it, and totally deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as Weaver and Hamilton.

      Alas, when you limit your list to ten, good ones inevitably do get left off. And I wanted some variety; after all, Weaver and Hamilton are already there.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. ishneak says:

    i didn’t expect you to reply but thank you for giving your explanation even though i’m still convinced she is more deserving than some of those here. some might even argue why Hanna when it could have been Hit Girl. speaking of variety, if i could, i would add Madeline Stowe (Bad Girls, Last Of The Mohicans), Michelle Rodriguez (Girlfight), and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld). but big ups for mentioning Meryl Streep in The River Wild, i loved that movie!

  4. Nigel Druitt says:

    I like Bad Girls; Stowe is a great suggestion!
    Hey, this kind of list is completely subjective, and if it can’t provoke discussion, what is it good for? ;)