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Comments (14)


Quirky on 11/8/2010 Reply  · 

It worries/intrigues me that someone who has apparently seen so many films has Shooter as their all time favourite.

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locomotivebreath on 11/11/2010 Reply  · 

It's equally disturbing that someone could see in excess of 9,000 movies and somehow miss "Clockwork Orange", "Blade Runner", "The Shining", "Alien", etc. I refuse to believe it.

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Cinema4Pylon on 11/15/2010 Reply  · 

Agreed. I have been suspicious of this one since it first appeared. Also, they ranked all of these movies within about two days and then seemed to disappear.

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butthorn on 12/17/2010 Reply  · 

It's like you signed up for a Flickchart account and then immediately fell asleep on your left mouse button for a few hours.

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GeoDude on 1/6/2011 Reply  · 

How is it possible to have more movies than rankings?

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Cinema4Pylon on 1/13/2011 Reply  · 

It is possible because each pair they give you on which you click only registers as a single ranking. However, the fact that they ranked so many films but a massive amount of touchstone films that any movie fan of any stripe would have seen already have been left unseen, points to the fact this is a phony. That, and the fact they literally did all of this in three days. (I saw their account go up and then how fast they rose to the top.)

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thisisspartacus on 2/19/2011 Reply  · 

Hasn't seen some of the most popular/best movies of all time. Yeah... spam account? To what purpose though...

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Marcelo on 3/7/2011 Reply  · 

This person has seen those movies, but for some reason they won't go off the list even though they are ranked, but they are indeed part of their list.

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ToryK on 8/9/2011 Reply  · 

I want to know why everyone seems to care so much. WE know he probably hasn't seen all of these, but why does it matter? Is it dick-measuring thing? A battle for page views? Let the ego go and keep ranking YOUR movies. Who gives a shit what anyone else is doing.

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UncleFok on 10/9/2012 Reply  · 

I am absolutely furious about this anonymous stranger on the internet and the movies he may or may not (!!!!!!!) have seen

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SLionsCricket on 2/27/2013 Reply  · 

I find it funny that a person who has now apparently seen well over 9000 movies could miss Back to the Future, Indy, Citizen Kane and all the movie in their top 10 list of shame. Not to mention that this user has never ever even posted a single comment despite having 6916 rankings

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ironichipster on 3/2/2013 Reply  · 

Actually, alvaro has ranked most of the movies on his/her list of shame. It's a Flickchart bug.
In any case, here's where he has the unseen listed:
Back to the Future (9285)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (143)
Citizen Kane (unseen)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (9326)
Alien (9311)
Reservoir Dogs (360)
The Shining (148)
The Third Man (9128)
Blade Runner (9287)
The Princess Bride (419)

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