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WaitingScene on 11/13/2010 Reply  · 

This guy's a total asshole.

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JRM on 11/15/2011 Reply  · 

I saw your comment on CARRIE (yeah, just saw it, lol). Not sure if you still care about what happened in the last 10 min. but basically after Carrie killed everyone at the Prom, she came home and embraced her mom; mom stabs her thinking she's a devil's child; Carrie falls down stairs; mom prepares to finish her off; Carrie uses her telekinesis to impale her mom's hands with knives and finishes her off by flinging sharp objects into her abdomen. Her psychic powers get out of hand again causing the house to collapse upon itself. Carrie hugs her mom and she dies next to her as the house comes down. Next it's daylight and the scene is in Sue's house (the only survivor of the Prom massacre); her mom is talking on the phone saying that Sue has just been sleeping most of the time. Next scene we see Sue bring flowers to an empty lot where Carrie's house used to be; Carrie's hand comes out from underneath and grabs Sue's hand -- Sue then wakes up screaming; turns out she was dreaming, still traumatized about the events that unfolded at Prom. :)

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Boonmee on 7/10/2012 Reply  · 

Oh, man. The fact that your top 3 consists of The Tree of Life, Un Chien Andalou and Seven Samurai makes you awesome in my book. And La Jetee & Last Year at Marienbad not far off? Wow- talk about taste.

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tottenham on 7/30/2012 Reply  · 

you're a cunt, idiot, national security was made in 2003 and and dog day afternoon was made in 1975, and they are completely different!

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j10f20mh on 3/12/2013 Reply  · 

why do you like the number seven so much?

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