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Comments (7)


shane24 on 1/8/2013 Reply  · 

Like your list, City of God is an awesome movie.

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Vungtaumantis on 2/10/2013 Reply  · 

Thanks a lot. You've got some quality stuff as well. Have you noticed the site running slow lately? Takes forever to rank stuff for me.

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shane24 on 4/21/2013 Reply  · 

Sorry for taking so long to answer! I didn't see your question here. Ha I can't remember now, sorry. I know the comments were all going out of order. It was driving me insane!

What did you think of Fists of the North Star?

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Vungtaumantis on 5/27/2013 Reply  · 

Sorry I missed this as well. I only have seen the Japanimation version of Fists of the North Star. Awesome stuff.

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shane24 on 7/5/2013 Reply  · 

Ha, we keep missing each others comments. :)

Yeah, I've only seen that version as well. A friend got me on to it. :)

How was Despicable Me 2?

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Danielod on 12/1/2013 Reply  · 

Nice list, especially your top 10! I noticed you liked Seven Years a Slave, I haven't gotten around to seeing that yet, but I will :)

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Nononsense on 4/17/2015 Reply  · 

Awesome list! I just watched Harakiri for the first time and was amazed to say the least! I then watched Rashomon and loved it as well. So, I'm now making it my business to watch more from Kobayashi and Kurosawa. I'm familiar with their filmographies. How would you rank their films with relation to each other? Also, in what recommended order should I watch them?

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