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The Dark Knight vs. Joker

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on 10/24/2019 had this to say:

"What makes Joaquin's Joker such an eerie character is the fact that, though he works fully well as a unique interpretation in his own universe, one can easily see him evolving into Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight that will go on to torment Batman with his eccentric mannerisms, hunched posture, clicking sounds, sadistic games and nihilistic acts of violence. Every great villain, no matter how omnipotent, has a past and Phoenix's Joker carries the plausibility of that "one bad day," that push of gravity into madness, Ledger's Joker probably went through to become an unstoppable force of nature. That would explain why Heath's Joker is loath to share the real details about his, no doubt, traumatic past in The Dark Knight. You see, a villain like The Joker isn't actually born out of chaos or chance, his coming if anything is ensured by supernatural forces to bring a sick society like Gotham to reckoning. So The Joker's coming is in many ways prophetic and even necessary, and what we see of Arthur is merely an incipient stage of the supernatural force that will become Heath's Joker. Oh yeah, about the match-up itself – gotta hand it to The Dark Knight, although there's just about nothing that I disliked about "Joker." - except maybe the problematic age gap between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Joker (Arthur). But I suppose that can be explained by Arthur's suffering and abuse making him look a lot older than he is."