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2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Godfather

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"One thing I will say is that a common defense of 2001 is that some movies don't need a plot to be good. That may be true, but a truly great movie manages to balance experience, art, and story together flawlessly. Considering I have 2001 in my top 3 I think it should be obvious that I think 2001 does this flawlessly. It actually does have quite a strong story structure, the characters work, the dialogue is minimal yet still fairly engaging, but it really is the experience that takes it to the next level. The numerous thematic layers and instantly iconic imagery make it one of the best theater experiences ever. Unfortunately, I do think The Godfather did the balance better. The cinematography, the blend of different emotions in the script, the tight and dense script, the complex and memorable characters, the perfect character transformation for Michael, the flawless cast, etc., but that's just the simple stuff. There's also the deeper levels to it. The universal themes on power, family, loyalty, betrayal, evil, life, death, and change are profound and can resonate with everyone. The way it implements philosophies about nostalgia and the change towards a more nihilistic society is brilliantly executed, with the transfer of power between Vito, a man with plenty of morals and strong principles, and Michael, a man not burdened with any of those things, is subtle and smart. The commentary on the American Dream, the representation of Italian culture, the near-satirical approach to toxic masculinity and male chauvanism, and so much more are done perfectly in The Godfather. It's why I consider it to be the greatest picture ever conceived, putting it just above 2001: A Space Odyssey "