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All those rankings, and not a single comment. For shame!

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jejob on 8/16/2013 Reply  · 

I found your podcast on ITunes, and enjoy your film discussions. I had never heard of Flickchart before hearing it on your podcast, so thanks for promoting it. I now have all my films listed, and am constantly ranking them. This site has changed how I compare films - I now look at which film I am more likely to pull off the shelf and watch. Thanks again for your enjoyable podcast.

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TheNextReel on 9/13/2013 Reply  · 

Thanks, Jejob! We're glad you're tuning in, and glad you like Flickchart!

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Leishalynn on 2/22/2014 Reply  · 

SPANK YOU for rating The Abyss over Close Encounters! Cameron over Spielberg? Tell me, how does The Abyss get made without Close Encounters and E.T.? What are you boys smoking?

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Leishalynn on 3/2/2014 Reply  · 

Andy may not get it but I do, Pete! Thanks for explaining your Flickchart criteria. The Elven bow over the slingshot, is it? Thumbing your nose at the pioneers and diving into the Abyss without looking back is fine. Sometimes I choose a newer fave over a classic, too, because it's legit to ask "Which film would I rather watch right now?"

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