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Wade92 on 1/6/2022 Reply  · 

Thanks for accepting my friend request! Is it safe to assume that you are a pretty big fan of Emma Stone? She's definitely my favorite actress.

You have a lot of really great films on your list!

Feel free to post on my page anytime you wanna chat

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SpiderGogo on 1/20/2022 Reply  · 

Hi, thank you for sending a request in the first place that’s nice ! And yes you’re right I have been a huge fan of Emma Stone for many years now (since Easy A I think). My #1 actress as well, with Margot Robbie as a close #2. Also really like your list, many movies that we agree on. Big fan of Christopher Nolan’s work ;)
Thanks, always a pleasure to talk about movies (you can post anytime you want also). Take care !

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